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Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP (informally Freshfields) is one of the largest and most prestigious multinational law firms in the world, headquartered in London since 1743. Its origins lie in the early 18th century, when it was appointed solicitor to the Bank of England, which it continues to advise today.

A former employee says, "Where do I begin; incompetent management [at Freshfields], even worse HR, worst yet, Prehistoric IT systems. IT management just hides and has no clue as to what’s happening around them. Management only there to collect a pay check, nothing else, if they were competent, they would at least help out or at the very least do what they are getting paid for instead of passing off their responsibilities to lower ranks who are over worked as it is."


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Former Employee - Business Development says

"The culture is a bit toxic. Managerial decisions are horrible and not grounded in facts. Partners can get away with abusive behavior. There is no real commitment to diversity."

Former Employee - Lawyer says

"Vicious politics; lazy partners; no promotional prospects"

Former Employee - Support Staff says

"Where do I begin; incompetent management, even worse HR, worst yet, Prehistoric IT systems. IT management just hides and has no clue as to what’s happening around them. Management only there to collect a pay check, nothing else, if they were competent, they would at least help out or at the very least do what they are getting paid for instead of passing off their responsibilities to lower ranks who are over worked as it is."

Current Employee - Paralegal says

"Still are hooking in applicants with no intention of serious job offers being made. BEWARE!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"terrible hostile political culture bullying management do it for as long as you can bear for the money but leave before you get burnt out"


"Clueless business service managers,foolishly spends money the lawyers bring in. Secretaries get hired and fired every two weeks, I mean don't they know how to recruit? Idiots!"

Former Employee - Documentation Specialist says

"Too many supervisors and seniors and not enough staff to do the work. Supervisors are often underskilled and don’t know what the operators actually do but somehow manage to talk the talk and get promoted. Day staff treated differently night staff Overloading of work We often got told by some fee earners (mostly associates and senior associates) how much they earn per hour as if it should make us work x10 harder for them. Lack of respect from fee earners over the phone (like above) Absolutely no progression no matter how hard you work"

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"Terrible culture. There’s a huge gap between the lawyers and business services. If you’re not a lawyer you’re basically excluded of everything."

Former Employee - GDS says

"Horrible managers - incapable of impartiality Racist managers - promote unqualified, young white females who are drinking buddies over qualified and experienced staff Selfish managers - will take the ideas of staff and sell it as their own Cliquish managers - Affinity Bias plays a major role in how some managers manage"

Former Employee - MBD says

"Role not valued or supported in the business. Dreadful managers. Poor support and ineffective managers"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"No control over behaviours and management styles. Totally out of control attitudes. Bullying and micro management. HR no better. Just push the problem under the carpet. Unprofessional. Very bad vibeNone"

Secret Spy (Former Employee) says

"Work life balnce is none existent here, be expected to be treated like a number and not like a human being, be expected to have no support, be expected to work all the hours god sends and getting paid badly, and generally exploited, if you are a woman, don't bother working here, the Management are sexist and also have little to no managerial skills. If you like working for a concentration camp then this is the place for you.walking out the doorhow long have you got"

Corporate Support Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"I underwent many experiences whilst working here, I thoroughly enjoyed all of my time at the firm. I left due to personal reasons. I was involved in charitable work on behalf of the firm, I ran the firm's social society. I was very popular and still maintain contacts.ColleaguesManagement"

Billing (Former Employee) says

"Les associés parlent aux employés comme à des animaux ainsi que leur secrétaires qui se prennent pour assistantes des *Dieux*.. le salaire est très correcte mais est ce que cela vaut la perte de sa santé mentale ? Aucune humanité, lorsque j'ai une un grave souci médical dans la famille.SalaireToute autre chose sauf salaire"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"its always a contract based employment work was not taught properly and it's mostly self taught. people tend to judge quickly but a nice place to work at."

Admin (Former Employee) says

"Initially a very good company to work for. I was tasked with daily procedures and was generally left alone to be able to complete them.Towards end of tenure, obstructed more often than not by outside sources, not helping with getting jobs done on time or completed. I learned to think quicker and focused on prioritising work load A change in management and restructuring leading to many unnecessary changes and nobody prepared to take ownership of changes. HR department not very focused on staff. Hardest part of job was trying to get a timely response from other departments when needed. I made many friends from my time at the company with whom I have become close and have strong bonds with.Good Private Health, Dentist and Doctor on sitePoor Management within certain Departments"

Technicien support informatique (Former Employee) says

"assez passable dans l'ensemble il est difficile de juger une entreprise ou on a travailler juste 2 mois"

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The firm despite being Magic Circle you can see there is still much to be done developing a work/life balance and more support is required for EAs especially when in a difficult portfolio. No flexible or agile working, its looked down on for support staff"

IT Purchasing Analyst (Current Employee) says

"A major international law firm, with over 2500 lawyers in offices around the world. A total of over 6000 staff, of which around 2000 are based in London."

OFFICE SUPPORT (Former Employee) says

"Loved working here, the culture was great, and my job was fairly easy. The issue stemmed form a micro-managing office manager who was extremely critical of minor things, and very meticulous. Despite that, benefits are pretty standard, office dynamic was nice, and little things like soccer and softball teams made the place great to work as a 9-5."

Document Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The people were great. There was no support from management. Always being told to manage your queue of work. When in need of support too many managers covering their own backs.Lovely office and great locationNo manager support"

Support staff (Former Employee) says

"When all's said and done, FBD is all about the profit. Like many corporations at the moment, it is cutting back on resources, apparently besides corporate hospitality to woo rich prospective clients. This false economy will become very obvious to those outside the company sooner or later. It has not been a bad place to work, but sadly all support services are experiencing dramatic cuts and woeful neglect. It is the current way of the world, but it cannot last.Decent salary and benefits, up to nowSupport services slashed and false economy starkly obvious"

customer says

"Hygienist seemed to take great delight in poking my gums until they bled, maximising discomfort and condescendingly telling me off. Not the Smile Hub experience I'm used to, I'm afraid."

customer says

"The hygienist services are provided to a very high standard and I hope to continue be using Smile Hub for this service. The receptionists are friendly and polite. Unfortunately I cannot recommend the dentist services at Smile Hub. It is only useful for routine checkups and there does not seem to be expertise for anything more that that. The wait times for dental appointments are long. There is a week wait for an emergency appointment so would not recommend using the practice for such cases."

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